Understanding HIIT Fitness Regimes

One of the most effective ways to remain fit and healthy is to exercise more on a daily basis. The issue for a lot of people is that it takes a lot of time to exercise when you are doing something such as jogging or a regular weights routine. You have to set aside an hour of your day so that you can get in a proper workout. That is not possible for a lot of people. It is why high intensity interval greece training is so good.

If you are someone who has little time, but you want to get in an exciting and intense workout, you should look into HIIT. It is the type of training where you are doing a lot in short bursts, and then you are taking an even shorter break so that you can resume again. You can apply it to any kind of exercise and you can mix different ones into the same workout.

high intensity interval greece

Say you want to work your whole body. You would do some cardio, leg exercises, chest and back exercises, and arms exercises. Some would involve weights and machines, while others you can do freestyle. But you are doing everything for short bursts of 30 seconds and you are doing them with a high intensity. That means each repetition is done quickly, and then you are only taking a 10 or 15 second break in between each exercise.

You accomplish a lot through such a regime. Not only are you burning calories, but you are also going to be in a position where you are getting into great shape. You will find you are getting stronger and have better stamina, which will hold you in good stead for your regular routine at work or around the house as well. HIIT can help you get fit when you are short on time.