Tips For Dealing With Leaks

Leaks and water gushing through our homes is never a good sign.  There was a time where I was driving away for a weekend when I received a call from the water company stating that there was extensive usage of water at my house.  By the time I returned home, my house was flooded.  This was not a good experience and I was grateful that I could contact plumbers near me in arlington, wa to come over and take care of the problem.

If you are going to go away, turn off your water

In our homes we have several shutoff points for our water.  Near each device in our home such as sinks, tubs and toilets there is a valve that we can turn that will stop the flow of water going forward.  To use them, simply turn the knob in a horizontal position.  When you are ready to return water flow just turn the knob to the vertical position.

Another place will be outside.  For many homes there will be a master shutoff valve that will turn off the water to your home.  This valve again will be hooked up to a single pipe that when turned will stop the flow from the street to the home.  And finally, there is a shutoff at the street.  This is where the water meter is located.  With this shutoff however, you need a special water key to turn off the water.

Look for leaks

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The next thing that you can do is look for leaks.  As you use items in your home, they become weak and worn.  If you haven’t used a specific room for an extended period of time, the pipes may become dry rotted and may become brittle if used.  When looking for leaks you will want to have a bucket or other device that you can use to capture any water before it spills out over the floor.

There is a lot that you can do to ensure that your hose is safe from water.  Take these first few steps to ensure that you are at least covered in case an accident happens.